About Me

Who is Caleb?

At the age of 10, Caleb’s innate talent for photography was discovered by his mother, marking the beginning of his remarkable marketing journey. With over 9 years of experience at a family-owned marketing agency, Caleb honed his skills and expertise.

Now, he passionately shares his knowledge with both his local and global communities, continuing to grow and contribute to the ever-evolving field of marketing.

My Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Sharing All That I’ve Learned Over The Years

With a passion for marketing, my aim is to share my knowledge with friends and family who aspire to grow their entrepreneurial journey and promote their own products. I specialize in assisting new and small businesses in giving their marketing efforts a much-needed boost.

By creating valuable resources, and even revealing the “secret” tools utilized by us marketers, I strive to facilitate growth in the digital realm. Telling compelling stories is my true joy, which is why I’ve remained devoted to this field for so many years. If I can help bring your story to life, then I believe we’ve achieved great things both for your business, and your own passions.

Meet The Legend

Caleb Guerrero

Caleb Guerrero

Founder & CEO

I have 9+ years of marketing expertise and a passion for stories and people.

I’m also a HUGE nerd. In my off-time like playing video games and watching anime. When I’m not at home, I love hitting the rock-climbing gym and watching the sunset.

My Values

Integrity, authenticity and transparency are my top business values. My goal is to bring them to the marketplace, along with results that bring much needed income and peace of mind.


Integrity stands as a cornerstone of trust and authenticity, serving as a vital compass that guides individuals and organizations towards ethical behavior and honorable decision-making.


Authenticity holds immense significance as it cultivates genuine connections, fosters trust, and empowers individuals and businesses to embrace their true identities, setting them apart in a crowded world.


Transparency plays a pivotal role in fostering credibility and building strong relationships, as it promotes open communication, accountability, and the establishment of trust between individuals and organizations.

What I Do Best


Social Media


Web Development

Email Marketing